Rapid Response Assignments Available Now

As the COVID-19 pandemic creates surges in patient census, we have client hospitals asking for immediate help from Med Surg/Tele, ED, and ICU RNs. We want to do everything we can to provide staffing quickly to these hospitals with urgent needs. If you are available to start a new assignment ASAP, please let us know.

To view a list of our crisis needs, click here

  • Assignment length 8-13 weeks, most with guaranteed hours
  • Weekly pay rates up to 2X or higher than typical rates
  • Some require license in hand, but state-of-emergency approval licensure may be possible
  • Health insurance available day one of assignment

If required to be quarantined while on assignment (e.g., due to a doctor’s note or client notice), you will receive wages for scheduled shifts that you miss for up to 14 days. If eligible for stipends and complete your quarantine at your assignment location. If you opt into health benefits, these will continue up to 28 days before returning to the assignment.  

If you can help us find other nurses willing to answer the call, we will also pay you and the nurse a referral bonus.

Thank you in advance for your help with this important matter.

Please let us know if you're available for a rapid response assignment